StoryTymes Privacy Policy


(StoryTymes) will not divulge personal contact information to any, business, organization or individual.

Visitors to (StoryTymes) will not have any information revealed to any other site or individual. In the future should (StoryTymes) offer any DVDís, CDís or downloads for sale from any host site, it will post a link to that venderís privacy site.

All visitors are welcome to submit comments to our Webmasters e-mail address and their comments and or personal information will remain confidential.

We will not give any visitorís information to any agency, Internet traffic tracking organization or business. StoryTymes insures it will protect its users privacy to the fullest.  We understand that many children will be using the site and we are very careful to make sure that we are the keepers of a safe and private environment. (StoryTymes) will keep all information private.